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Author: Marvel Shick

Why do we fall in love?

Despite the fact that we are creatures which are designed to reproduce, we often fall in love and want to spend our lives with just the one person. Sure we have a few girlfriends when we are young but eventually we settle down; opting for the safety net of a stable relationship. But this feeling of safety doesn’t always explain why we suddenly fall in love with someone. We just feel mesmerized and we forget about all the other lovers in our lives; and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, it is a bit strange considering our animal nature…

A convenient feeling?

Being in a long-term relationship with the person we love brings many benefits into our lives, we are no longer alone and we can instead work as part of a team to construct our lives. We might not be able to do it if it wasn’t for the fact that we are in love with that person. It isn’t just love but also lust, after all being in a couple means that it is easier to get laid if you want to have sex tonight. It is that mix of comfort, convenience and trust that really helps us to get on with our lives. Single people have to take time out of their daily schedule to be able to achieve this, and without a doubt it is something worth having.

Media influence

We see so many movies and TV shows that talk about love, no wonder we end up desiring it ourselves. The truth is that the media often shapes our needs and wants, and love is a concept that has been exploited since the dawn of times. We see people being happy and in love so we think that we can only be happy if we do the same. It is not so much the case that love is written into our DNA, instead it is a concept that is being almost sold to us. Okay that sounds a bit cynical but there is some truth there. Some people are not made to fall in love, they prefer living alone as a hermit away in the woods. Just because they want to do that doesn’t make them depressed or abnormal; it’s just what they want to do. But the influence of the media might make us think otherwise; as though everyone should be falling in love.

Religious influence

Before the media even existed, religion was there to give us guidelines about how we should live. To be fair a lot of it made sense. Having the one household with the one family allowed us to build something, and it contributed to the survival of our legacy. It is also that tribal instinct which makes sure that we look after our family, so despite our animal nature there is an actual part of us that favours monogamy and family life. But beyond that, there have been people who make a living based on the dynamics of …

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